UoP Sticky Campus Roadshow 2019

Throughout June the University will be hosting the Sticky Campus Roadshow. The Sticky Campus is a digitally enabled learning space, where we will be hosting a series of collaborative workshops to test drive this fully-configured digital classroom.

The idea of the sticky campus is to create an environment that uses technology to provide collaborative learning facilities for taught sessions and self directed study. We'll be hosting sessions from providers all around the University - Jisc will be delivering sessions on digital capability and active learning spaces whilst UoP staff will be designing, developing and delivering sessions on well being, entrepreneurial skills, academic writing retreats - all within an active learning space.

There will be something for students, academic and professional staff. Check out the sessions and the schedule below and book using the forms.


To book on a session, check the calendar and details below - then use the forms to book on the appropriate session.

Booking form week 1

Booking form week 2

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Booking form week 4

Where can you find us?

You can find the sticky Campus digital classroom located centrally within the University estate on the ground floor of the City Learning Campus.

Sessions - week 1: commencing 3rd June 2019

Sessions - week 2: commencing 10th June 2019

The role of mobile phones in the changing classroom

Sticky SPSS

Collaboration and accessibility (Administrator & support staff only session) - CANCELLED -

Academic apprenticeship - closed sessions-

Inter-professional Education (A) - Selected Student groups only - Closed session

Digital assessment tools ***FULL***


The NEST Challenge 1 : Introduction to the challenge and skill sets

Sessions - week 3: commencing 17th June 2019

Digital accessibility

Collaboration and accessibility

Applying the Jisc Digital Capability Framework

PDP, employability and e-portfolios

VR projects

PGR Wellbeing and Action Learning Sets


Jisc VR/AR event for external parties

Academic apprenticeship

The NEST Challenge - STUDENTS ONLY -

The NEST Challenge 2: Research, brainstorming and project planning

The NEST Challenge 3: Collaborative working session 1

The NEST Challenge 3: Collaborative working session 2

The NEST Challenge 4: Presentations and feedback

Sessions - week 4: commencing 24th June 2019

Important: in advance of your session

In advance of your session, please click here to create an account to use with some of the interactive features of the roadshow. Your facilitator may choose not to use this functionality, but at least it's there if you need it. Please remember your username and password for the event.



Please take a few moments to complete feedback on the session (s) you attended. All feedback is anonymous. The feedback form can be found here.

More information

To find out more about the Sticky Campus road show, please visit the official website for this event. More information can be found here.

Sticky Highlights so far

Mobile devices in the changing classroom

Gamification and Sticky SPSS

Sticky SPSS and Inter-professional Education

Jisc VR/AR day

NEST Enterprise project